You may want to reconsider wireless router upgrade if you haven’t considered it since long. Even if your old router is still working, the new one will offer you a better Wi-Fi.

You must be having a few devices that support the modern wireless networking standards; there is little use slowing down things using an outdated router.

Why should you Care? 

Wireless routers are often overlooked if it’s stable and offering a solid connection to the devices. Most people stick to their old wireless routers just for this reason. This is fine if you are happy with your Wi-Fi connection, but most people look for more coverage, speed and reliability. Overlooking the wireless router sitting high on the shelf is easy while you are upgrading gear but it is better not to. This is the device that allows you to access internet on multiple devices.

The new wireless routers support wireless networking standards offering high speed and less interference. You are not getting the things that your new smartphones, laptops, TV streaming boxes, gaming consoles and other devices offer if you use an outdated router.

Let’s have a look at some improvements you can take up to upgrade Wi-Fi network.

Hardware Improvement

If you haven’t upgraded your router lately, you probably have an 802.11g or 802.11n router. Ac is the fastest and the latest wireless standard available. The latest tablets, phones, TV set-top boxes, laptops and other connected devices in home now have faster and more reliable ac antennas and radios but they perform better only if connected to an ac wireless network.

New ac routers do not vouch for fast internet speed. This will depend completely upon the Internet service plan.

With ac equipped devices, you will get better speed at longer distances as well as better data transfer.

Software Improvement

Smarter connections and faster speeds will fail to do any good if you can’t set up the thing. Make sure to pick up routers that are easy to manage and set up. It is no longer tough to set up the router. It’s as simple as connecting tablet, phone or computer to the network of the router and then follow the steps specified in any website. There is little need to download additional software though you can use up some apps.

Security Improvement

Do you have a password protecting the Wi-Fi network? If you don’t, be prepared to get hacked. There are several companies that offer each router with a unique name. Though this is quite safe, the security experts recommend picking a name and a strong password during the setup to make it safer. When in security settings, make sure to select the AES/WPA2 encryption. Also, keep the router’s firmware updated. This may mean logging into the router once every month or two.

Ways to Find the Wireless Standards Supported by your Router

You may need to check the standards supported by the routers. There are various ways to get the job done. Some routers announce the supported standards by printing them on the router itself. They will certainly be printed on the box the router came in. If not, you can take the model number of the router and find out the standards supported by searching them online. Take a look at the specifications of the router to find out the wireless standard it supports. You can also find this information on the web interface of your router.

Find the standards like 802.11n, 802.11ac or 802.11g. Among them, 802.11ac is the most recent. 802.11n is a little older. Though in popular usage, it’s not the best. 802.11g is comparatively dated, but it’s better to consider upgrading it if an old router that just supports this standard is in use.

Common Wireless Standards You Need to Know of


This is a recent wireless standard. This can operate at 5GHz for the new 802.11ac devices and offers 2.4 GHz 802.11n connection for the older devices. This ensures less wireless interference and more reliable signal.


This was the most popular wireless standard. This can operate at either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz but never both at once.


This was here before 802.11n. This is limited to only 2.4 GHz.


This standard is older.

There is much more to the standards apart from the points discussed. Make sure to check out on the speed and relative interference in comparison between the standards. If you are still using the 802.11g router, you are using a wireless standard that is more than a decade old. It’s time to upgrade as soon as possible.

Ways to Find Wireless Standards Supported by the Device

Modern devices released recently should support 802.11ac and this will be more common with time. Practically, all the devices made use of should support 802.11n. You can still use the old devices supporting older wireless standard with the modern routers. The modern routers can also be backwards compatible. But, if there are several new devices that support 802.11ac or if 802.11n is still in usage, it’s time to upgrade.

With the routers, the standard that is supported by a device is found on the specification page of the device. Check the box the device came in or undertake web search with the model number to find the wireless standards that are supported by the device.

Apart from using updated hardware, you need to undertake a few strategies to increase the speed of your router.

  • Locate the right spot for router
  • Find right wireless channel
  • Get rid of interference
  • Ensure better security
  • Control the bandwidth hogging applications
  • Enhance Wi-Fi range
  • Boost router’s signal
  • Turn old router into Wi-Fi Repeater

Following these tweaks will make Wi-Fi fast, reliable and secure. You may also choose to get a wireless signal boosting equipment to boost your WiFi signal. However, remember that there is little need to race out upgrading the routers each time a new standard is here. You will see improvements only if there are new devices supporting this standard. Remember that your wireless router is a significant piece of hardware and it needs to be upgraded occasionally.