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Use a Cell Phone Signal Booster to Solve Bad Reception Problems

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You are in the middle of an important call with the boss, and the reception is so bad that you can barely hear him! Nothing can be more annoying than that. A recent survey reveals that about 72% of Americans regularly experience some type of dropped call due to bad signal. 32% of these folks also report experiencing bad reception at least few times a week. Bad reception is a major problem that many people experience, and if you happen to live in the outskirts, you are doomed to suffer from this! So what should you do in such a situation? Well, using a cell phone signal booster is the best idea for you!

After spending years in research, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has finally approved cell phone signal booster for public use. These signal boosters can effectively extend the cell networks into the areas where people suffer from poor signal related problems. The signal booster can improve reception in homes, commercial buildings and offices. In order to understand why you need a cell phone signal booster, you will have to understand what causes bad signal in the first place:

What causes poor cell phone signal?

Bad reception is caused by two primary factors – distance from the nearest cell tower, and obstruction causing interference. Let us delve deeper into both these factors:

Distance from the nearest cell tower:

Cell phone signal booster can effectively solve bad signal problems that are caused by distance. Cellular towers are strategically placed to provide carriers cell coverage. Ideally, when you are within the network, your cell phone will connect to the nearest tower automatically. However, if the distance between you and the tower is quite significant, problems may be faced.

Obstruction causing interference:

Cell signal usually passes through the air with little to no trouble. However, when there are a number of obstructions between your phone and the signal, problems like bad reception can arise. Such obstructions can include geographical elements such as mountains, hills, and trees. Such problems can also be solved using the cell phone signal booster. Browse through the various brands of signal boosters before deciding to go for one.

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