In today’s world cell phones have become somewhat an extension of our body. They have become absolutely essential for better communication but weak signals can be a reason for our frustration nowadays.

Have you been trying to find out the reason for the slow internet connection on your cell phone? Probably, you are not alone……….Majority of the cell phone users try to deal with this issue and most of them determine the signal strength on their mobile phone based on the number of bars they see in the phone. But this is not the scenario.

Here lies the importance of cell phone signal boosters – a device that amplifies weak cellular signals to improve coverage and quality. In this article, we will answer the top 10 most frequently asked questions about cell phone signal boosters.

1) What is a cell phone signal booster?

A cell phone signal booster is a device used to amplify the cellular signal received by our phone from the nearest cell tower. They are often used in areas where the signal strength is weak to improve call strength, data speed, and texts.

2) How does a signal booster work ?

A cell phone signal booster works by capturing the weak cellular signal from outside your building or vehicle, boosting it, and rebroadcasting it into the desired areas. Boosters also work in reverse by receiving outgoing signals from nearby cellular devices and sending them to your closest cell tower, thereby increasing the odds that the signal reaches it without failing.

3) Will a signal booster increase internet speed?

If you are using the internet on your cell phone using the mobile data then the signal booster will definitely increase your net speed but it won’t help with the WiFi or Ethernet.

4) Do cell phone signal boosters work in rural areas?

The cell phone signal boosters work much effectively in rural areas where signal may be weak due to distance from the cell phone towers or due to hindrances created by hills or trees.

5) What do I need to know before purchasing a signal booster?

Signal boosters are absolutely legal. Before purchasing a signal booster one should know the frequency band used by the cell phone operator as different operators may use different technologies and frequencies. The frequency bands which that signal booster amplifies should include the frequency bands used by the cell phone carrier. This is of utmost importance.

6) Is there a signal booster for my specific need?

Definitely signal boosters will satisfy your particular need. They are different when it comes to homes, offices and trucks, cars or boats. Signal boosters boost 3G and 4G LTE inside a building whereas in cars, boats or trucks it ranges from 5-8 feet.

7) Can I install a signal booster myself ?

Yes it is possible to install a signal booster yourself. Some cell phone boosters are designed for easy DIY installation. Each signal booster comes with a user manual. We can also contact the technical support team if required. However it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper installation of the signal booster.

8) Are signal boosters safe ?

Signal boosters only amplify weak signals so that it is usable for better calling facilities , data speed and is not meant to harm people in any one. The myth about signal boosters creating health issues has not been proven by any scientific research. A booster cannot exceed the level of radiation that our cell phone produces. So it is perfectly safe for everyone’s usage.

9) Can cell phone boosters cause interference?

Cell phone boosters which are not properly installed or poorly designed can cause interference with other wireless devices or networks. However, FCC-certified boosters are designed to minimize interference.

10) How many devices can a cell phone signal booster support?

The number of devices a cell phone signal booster can support depends on the specific booster model and the potency of the cellular signal it receives. 

To conclude , cell phone signal boosters are effective solution providers to increase cellular signal strength specifically in places with weak cellular signals. They may improve the call quality, data speed but may not be a solution where there are no signals. A specific signal booster model determines the number of devices it can support. Lastly it’s important to note that proper guidelines should be maintained while installing a signal booster and to avoid any interference or legal issues.