•  Affordable cost, IP Receiver
  •  Receiver is housed in a weatherproof ( rated IP-65 ) cast aluminum housing
  •  High speed IP controller 100MB/s : Data is loaded with greater accuracy
  • Ability to operate in the USB mode for firmware upgrades
  • Couples directly to the antenna ( NCR ) No coax required.
  • Uses readily available cat 5 cable from the receiver to the PC eliminating coax cable.
  • Special software tool to adjust the network port using a MAC address
  • Supports ABSBScope, Plane Plotter, and numerous other software programs.
  • Includes a robust 5 dbi omni directional or a 16 dbi Yagi antenna for strong signal reception.

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Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS–B) is a cooperative surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked by other airplanes and ADS-B receiver systems on the ground.

Excel wireless offers the ZDA VR-1090 micro ADS-B IP receiver v.4 kit as a cost-effective ADS-B IP receiver solution for aircraft traffic monitoring. This is a quality virtual receiver system that requires no long coax cable runs, mounts directly to the antenna or with a short Low Loss LMR 400 cable jumper to the antenna, and is priced substantially lower than other receivers on the market,  but with all the performance you need. The micro ADS-B IP receiver system receives real time transmissions through an onboard transmitter from a commercial aircraft and displays them on you PC through the ADS-BScope or PlanePlotter software, it is like having air traffic control in your living room! You can watch flights in your local area in real time within a practical range up to 250 Nautical Mile with typical outdoor Yagi or an omni antenna, perform better if you have an ideal antenna position mounted on your roof.

The ADS-B receiver mounted in a waterproof enclosure box mounted directly to an outdoor antenna (omni & yagi directional) with power of ethernet. It can work stand alone. Powered by ethernet cable through PoE(7-9v).  The coverage can be up to 250 nm range with "High accuracy independent of distance. High Update rate". Provides Identity of the aircraft.

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