Wilson Pro 70 Plus 50ohm Amplifier Kit – Omni/Dome


The Pro 70 Series features a self-optimizing microprocessor and built-in graphical signal meter to minimize installation time. The uplink and downlink power display make it easy to determine the direction of the cell tower and the strength of the available signal, while the self-optimizing design eliminates the need for troubleshooting. It is an excellent system for office complexes, department stores, hotels, fitness centers and other spaces, either as an initial install for new customers or an add-on for current customers.

Adding this cellular amplifier system will give users a number of benefits, such as fewer dropped calls, faster data transfer, more reliable uptime and longer battery life for devices. The Wilson Pro 70 50 Ohm Kit comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty along with a year of free technical support from 5Gstore’s knowledgeable cellular broadband experts. Ask us about expansion kits if you have a larger installation that demands a wider coverage area.

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For maximum in-building cellular coverage area, the Wilson Pro 70 Plus features the highest downlink power of any FCC-certified signal booster in the market. This allows it to provide more in-structure coverage than even its closest competitor. Designed and built exclusively for the Wilson reseller channel, the 50 Ohm Pro 70 Series amplifies weak cellular signals and redistributes them to cover larger indoor spaces with reliable voice and data service — including 4G LTE — inside homes and other buildings where signals are blocked by concrete, steel and other materials.

With a maximum gain of 70 dB, the Wilson Pro 70 Plus kit is the best in its class and outdoes many consumer-grade amplifiers. Its boosted coverage for up to 50,000 square feet, enough to cover most small and mid-size commercial buildings. Like all of our 4G products, the new 50 Ohm boosters support all bands and major carriers in US and Canada. It is certified by FCC for enhanced 2G/3G/4G performance and reliability.

Each kit contains all equipment that professional certified installers need. It includes an omni directional outdoor antenna receiving the cell tower signal,  then amplified by the booster and then rebroadcast through the wide-band indoor dome antennas. These professional-grade amplifier kits feature N-type connectors and LMR400 coaxial cable jumper, which minimizes signal loss during transfer. They also include a lightning surge protector to reduce the risk of blown circuits when stricken by lightning .

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