SureCall Force7 Industrial Cellular, Wi-Fi and HDTV Signal Booster

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SureCall’s Force7 is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one, cellular, Wi-Fi and HDTV signal booster for large structures. The Force7 offers:

SureCall’s patented cellular signal booster solution that virtually eliminates dropped and missed calls and works with all US carriers, providing up to 80,000 square feet of coverage for 100+ simultaneous users.
A built-in Wi-Fi signal booster, along with a router that extends network coverage for areas up to 50,000 square feet for fast and reliable data.
An HDTV signal booster that brings locally aired HDTV television stations into your building. This, along with the built-in Wi-Fi, provides enhanced streaming content for on-demand streaming media like Netflix®.

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Unique Features

  • First 7-band signal booster that simultaneously enhances cellular, Wi-Fi and HDTV signals
  • Highly linear amplification producing the fastest 4G LTE data rates
  • Best-in-Industry three-year warranty
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Additional information

Weight19 lbs
Dimensions14 × 11 × 3 in


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