Nest Cam Pro Outdoor Wireless Camera


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Looking for a great deal on Nest Cam Pro Outdoor Wireless Camera? Explore a wide range of the best and affordable wireless video cameras on Excel Wireless to find one that suits your requirements! Besides good quality, you’ll also find a great deal. Shop now.


  • Access the system remotely – Personalize notifications, watch video or make changes from your computer or compatible iOS or Android device
  • 2-way communication – Built-in microphone and speaker let you hear what happens around the camera and talk back through your phone, no matter where you are
  • Capture everything in HD – Vivid 1080p resolution allows you to see small details
  • Night vision lets you see in the dark
  • Connects to your Wi-Fi network for convenience and simple setup
  • HD video and digital audio make you feel like you're there – See and hear everything clearly with a frame rate of up to 30 fps (frames per second) and a built-in speaker and built-in microphone.
  • Weatherproof design allows versatile indoor/outdoor monitoring with included 25' power cord
  • Zoom in on details – The 8x zoom magnification lets you focus on specific parts of your home

Nest Cam Pro Outdoor Wireless Camera


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Nest Cam Pro Outdoor Wireless Camera

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Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 in


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