Nest Cam Pro Indoor Wireless Camera


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Looking for a great deal on Nest Cam Pro Indoor Wireless Camera? Explore a wide range of the best and most affordable wireless video cameras on Excel Wireless to find one that suits your requirements! Besides good quality, you’ll also find a great deal. Shop now.


    • Stream securely to your phone, tablet or laptop in super clear 1080p HD
    • Get a 130° wide angle view of the room or zoom in and enhance for a closer look
    • Get more out of your Nest Cam or Dropcam with Video History and Nest Aware
    • Set up your camera and you'll automatically get a free trial. If you love it, you can subscribe in the app once your trial ends
    • Easy setup
    • Full 1080p HD video
    • Activity alerts
    • Night Vision
    • Clear Zoom
    • Talk and Listen
    • Nest app
    • Software updates over Wi-Fi
    • Available with Nest Aware (subscription sold separately)
    • Video History (10-day and 30-day available)
    • Clips and timelapses
    • Activity Zones
    • Advanced motion sensing

    Nest Cam Pro Indoor Wireless Camera


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    Nest Cam Pro Indoor Wireless Camera

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