Multi-Function Network/Phone/Coax Cable Tester


Excel Wireless offers a Multi-Function Network Cable Tester allows you to test wiring continuity for RJ45 Cat5 / 5e, Cat6, RJ11/12 telephone cord sets as well as 10Base2, RF and CATV coax cable assemblies. It helps you identify miswired terminations, shorts and open circuits. This tester features a two piece design, a main unit and a remote unit. The remote unit is designed to attach to the side of the main unit and it can be removed when testing premise cabling where the two ends of the cable being tested are not close by. The Main unit features (1) Shielded RJ45  Jack, (1) Shielded RJ11/12  Jack and (1) Female BNC. The Remote unit features (1) Shielded RJ45  Jack on one side of the unit and (1) Shielded RJ11/12 (6×6) Jack on the other. The tester also comes with (1) BNC Terminator with a Green LED on the end to Test BNC Coax assemblies. The kit also includes (2) BNC Male to F Female adapters to allow for the testing of RG59 / RG6 CAT5 Coax assemblies. a Vinyl Storage pouch is provided of the tester and accessories for safe storage. Power supplied by DC 9V battery (not included). Comes with two years Warranty.

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  • Two piece test unit with RJ45, RJ12 (6P6C) jacks and coax jack.
  • Identifies mis-wires, short circuits, and open circuits
  • Coaxial adapters & terminator idea for testing BNC and F coax cables assemblies
  • storage pouch


  • Network installations & test
  • Cable maintenance & inspection

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


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