870-960 MHz Mobile Antenna 5 dBi


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Looking for a great deal on 870-960 MHz Mobile Antenna 5 dBi? Explore a wide range of the best wireless antennas on Excel Wireless to find one that suits you! Besides good quality, you’ll also find plenty of discounts. Shop now.

870-960 MHz Mobile Antenna 5 dBi is ideally suited for 900MHz multipoint mobile applications including service vehicles, public transportation, law enforcement, mining and construction vehicles, as well a numerous other commercial and industrial applications where mobility and wide coverage is desired. 870-960 MHz Mobile Antenna 5 dBi is also compatible with 900MHz wireless LAN and Cellular systems as well as RFID. The magnetic base is suitable for fixing to vehicles or other metal surfaces as well as sitting on a tabletop or shelf.

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870-960 MHz Mobile Antenna 5 dBi

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