700-2700 MHz Log Periodic Yagi directional Antenna 8 dBi | Low PIM


700-2700 MHz Log Periodic Yagi directional Antenna 8 dBi, ideal for 4G LTE as donor antenna. 

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Frequency:700-2700MHz, 8dBi Log Periodic Yagi directional antenna| Low PIM, Pass passive IM3 test
The Log Periodic Yagi antennas Series which cover a very wide frequency range from 698-2700 MHz Because it covers both LTE, Cellular and WiMAX worldwide frequencies, it is very useful for CPE equipment and  in-building wireless  equipment needed for these frequency bands, minimizing the amount of equipment needed for each service location. The LP series can be used in door or outdoor. It comes complete with all components needed for pole mounting or wall mounting. The sealed housing is UV stabilized ABS plastic. All bracket components are protected for corrosion. The pigtail is 18" outdoor rated cable terminated with a N Female connector standard. Other connector/cable configurations available upon request.

Covers 698-2700 MHz, covers LTE, Cellular, PCS, WiFi, WiMAX all bands. This antenna has been used widely for signal boosting, in-building wireless coverage. It comes with L-shape mounting brackets. N-female connector. Pass passive IM3 test

700-2700 MHz Log Periodic Yagi directional Antenna 8 dBi | Low PIM


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700-2700 MHz Log Periodic Yagi directional Antenna 8 dBi | Low PIM

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 in

Features And Applications


  • Pass passive IM3 test
  • High gain across all frequencies
  • Pole mount
  • Light gray attractive UV protected housing
  • Vertical or horizontal polarization
  • DC grounded for lightning protection


  • Covers both LTE, cellular, PCS, Wimax and WiFi frequencies
  • WISP equipment
  • Indoor/outdoor extenders
  • Non-line of sight


Click on the datasheets below to learn more about this 700-2700 MHz Log Periodic yagi directional antenna Pass passive IM3 test series line.

PDF700-2700 MHz Log Periodic yagi directional antenna series, Pass passive IM3 test – ZDADJ7002700-9LP

The PDF(s) above require Adobe Acrobat Reader for proper viewing. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, or would like to upgrade to the newest version, please click here.

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range 698-806 MHz 806-960 MHz 1710-2500MHz 2500-2700 MHz
Polarization  Vertical
VSWR ≤1.8 ≤1.5 ≤1.5 ≤1.5
Gain 7/8/10dBi
Input Impedance 50Ω
Half-power Beamwidth Hor: 90°        Ver: 60°
F/B Ratio 15dB
PIM, 3rd Order  C(2×33dBm 2W) -140dBc
Max.Power 50W
Lightning Protection DC Ground
Mechanical Specifications
Connector N-female
Connector Position With 30cm low loss pigtail
Dimensions 295×210×65mm
Antenna weight 1.kgs
Reflector material Copper
Radome material ABS
Radome color White
Operating temperature -40°C to +65 °C 


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