700-2700 MHz Ceiling Mount Dome antenna | Low PIM


Ceiling mount Dome antenna, covers 698-2700MHz, with 3 dbi gain. N-female connector, with mounting hardware.Pass passive IM3 test

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Multi-band 698-960MHz, 1700-2700MHz dome ceiling mount antenna Pass passive IM3 test for applications such as interior antenna in Amplifier/Repeater/BDA DAS Systems.- 700MHz @ 2.2dBi; 800MHz @ 2.2dBi; 2483MHz @ 5dBi; 2600MHz @5dBi
The Wide band in-building dome antenna systems are designed for in-building wireless coverage of 700MHz LTE, 2.6 GHz WiMAX, 800 MHz cellular band, 1900MHz PCS, 1700/2100 MHz 3G band and 2.4 GHz WiFi  signals. Because of the wide band design, a single antenna can be used to service the building occupants total wireless needs at 698-2700 MHz.

The Pass passive IM3 test antennas are constructed of white ABS plastic enclosure. The low profile attractive styling blends well in almost any office or home environment. Mounting is simplified with a single hole mount design to easily mount to drop ceilings or fixed ceilings. The antenna comes with a N Female pigtail which is long enough to mount thru a max 1" thick ceiling.

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