1850-1990 MHz omni directional Antenna 10 dbi


For PCS band, cover 1850-1990MHz, with 10 dbi gain, mounting bracket included. if you need more technical support, please contact us

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Frequency: 1850-1990MHz, gain:10dBi, 1900 MHz omnidirectional antenna series designed for the 1.9GHz PCS. multipoint applications where high gain and wide coverage is desired. 1900 MHz omnidirectional antenna series features an integral N-Female type connector Mounting is easy with a dual u-bolt mast mounting kit, allows installation on masts up to 2.0" in diameter. The omnis are DC grounded for lightning protection with fiberglass radome for durability, aesthetics and long service life. Designed for all weather operation. if you need more technical support, please contact us

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions51 × 5 × 5 in

Features And Applications


  • Superior all weather performance
  • Rugged industrial grade design
  • Lightweight fiberglass radome
  • Integral N-Female connector
  • Heavy-duty mounting bracket


  • 1.9GHz Band
  • PCS band
  • Multipoint applications


Click on the datasheets below to learn more about 1900 MHz omnidirectional antenna series.

PDF1850-1990MHz omnidirectional antenna DatasheetZDAQJ8001900

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Thank View STEP File, Follow This Link: ZDAQJ1900-10STEPFILE


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