Ever since the pandemic started, we were forced to live indoors, readjust to a new lifestyle, and start with WFH. Let’s be honest; we have faced internet glitches and network issues, right? And that has always left you wondering- How can I boost the WiFi signal? Well, we have got you covered. Mentioned below are some of the tips and tricks that one can deploy for Wireless signal boosting.

But before we start with the tips, you need to understand some of the factors that are responsible for hampering your WiFi signal.

  • Distance- Now, the WiFi routers do not have the same transmitting powers as those of cell towers for apparent reasons. And in case you are using a cheaper router, then the chances of signal fluctuation also increase.
  • Interference- Since the WiFi signals use the same frequency used in the radio signals, they sometimes interfere with one another. The radios, cell phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors, walkie-talkies, and others function with the same frequency. In densely populated areas, the signal can thus get interfered with.
  • Obstructions- The WiFi signals that are being transmitted can be partially absorbed or even completely blocked because of various reasons such as walls, home appliances, furniture, or even people. This happens mainly because the higher frequency signals do not penetrate the solid objects.
  • Bandwidth hoggers- Now, you need to understand that the signal’s issue might not always be the strength of the WiFi signal but can be caused by your internet strength. For example, live streams or video chatting can bring even a strong WiFi network to crawl.
  • Service provider- You can go the whole day complaining about the signal and the connectivity, but the problem may sometimes lie with the internet service provider as well. Always make sure that the measured download and the upload speeds should comply with the rates that have been advertised by the service provider.

Now since you have already seen the reasons that affect your WiFi connectivity. Let us now look into the different Wireless signal boosting techniques:

  • Select the Right Place for your router

My friend, you need to understand that not all places are suitable enough to keep your router. You need to place your router in an area that is away from any kind of possible blockage.

Make sure that the device is away from metal objects and appliances that radiate electromagnetic waves. Metal often results in WiFi signal disruption. Keep your WiFi routers as far away as possible to boost your signal. Thus, fixing your router at a higher place and away from such appliances can help in increasing the network speed.

  • Always keep your Router Updated –

You must keep your router updated, mainly for two reasons- if the router is not updated, it can affect the network’s speed, and in some cases, the router may be infected with malware that can steal the bandwidth and spread itself across the networks of other devices. You can adopt the following techniques to check if your router is updated-

  • Enter the IP details of the router into the web browser so that in case of third-party access to the network, you get notified.
  • Always login with the username and password. Also, regularly update and change your password.
  • Keep your router updated always.
  • Update to a Stronger Antenna –

Generally, the WiFi routers used at home are weak and ineffective in serving the work requiring a larger bandwidth. There are different kinds of WiFi antennas available, and one, as per their requirement and usage, has to select the best antenna. The “rubber duck” antenna is generally used at houses. Some antennas also come with extensions that allow one to change the router’s position to achieve the optimal signal distribution.

  •  Cut- off any possible WiFi Leeches –

Who does not like free WiFi connectivity? But this will not serve your purpose. If you leave your WiFi router unprotected, then be ready to face a slow network. Always make sure that you have a strong password that can not be easily guessed. You can follow the following steps to make sure that you have a strong password-

  • Include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers in your password.
  • Always make sure the password is at least eight characters long.
  • Never include personal information in the password.
  • Suppose you can not remember your password. Then you can write it down or use the inbuilt feature of google to remember it.
  • Buy a WiFi Extender/Booster/Repeater –

As the name suggests, these are the devices that are used to increase the efficiency of WiFi. Such devices are most commonly called WiFi boosters. They act as an extension of your main network. Using such kinds of devices gives a broader range to the routers. In case the signal received is weak. Such a device increases the signal strength considerably. To get a better understanding, you can also download a WiFi booster app to get details about your current network.

Apart from the techniques mentioned above, one can also follow the steps that have been listed below-

  • Switch to a different WiFi channel.
  • Control the bandwidth frequency as per your requirement and usage.
  • Make sure you use the latest technologies to ensure your WiFi connectivity.
  • Switch to 5GHz.
  • Never forget to reboot your system.
  • Always measure the wired internet performance for a better understanding.
  • You can set up a Mesh WiFI system.
  • The user can further change the DNS address.
  • Choose a better internet plan.
  • In case of any difficulty, connect to your internet service provider.

Thus, by following the tips as mentioned above, you can easily boost your existing network speed.