Over the years, mobile signal boosters have been strengthening their position in the market. Designed to boost signal, there is a lot to know about these boosters. Let us see a glimpse of what it is , how it really works and what are its benefits in running a business.

What is a Cell Phone Booster and How Does It Work?

Cell phone signal booster is a device that is used to improve the cellular reception of your phone or device. This can be used in areas where the cell phone signal is weak or nonexistent, allowing you to make and receive calls without interruption.

How does it work?

In simple terms the outside antenna receives the weak signal and the amplifier boosts it and it’s carried to the inside antennas through a cable distributing it wherever it’s required ensuring seamless connectivity. The device consists of three main components — an exterior antenna, an amplifier, and an interior antenna — that work together to capture and rebroadcast a stronger signal.
The exterior antenna, usually mounted on the roof of a building or on the side of a vehicle, is designed to capture existing signals from nearby cell phone towers. These signals are then passed to the amplifier, a device that amplifies the signal strength and then passes it to the interior antenna.
The interior antenna, typically mounted on a wall inside the building or vehicle, broadcasts the amplified signal to the cell phones within the structure. This allows multiple users to access the improved signal, resulting in fewer dropped calls and better data speeds.

Reasons for Weak Signals

With the advancement of technology , it seems unreal to face problems with something so simple. How hard is it to receive signals in this high-tech modern era? Let’s dive into it! The reasons can be divided into internal and outer interference.

Outside Interference

  • Distance between tower and home/office
  • Bad Weather
  • Mother Nature
  • Man-made Interruptions
  • Over populated areas

Internal Interference

  • Construction materials
  • Other factors

Popular Myths About Cell Phone Boosters

  • Signal Amplifiers are fraudulent – The notion that signal boosters for mobile phones do not work was framed about 20 years back, when few fraudulent companies deceived people and made money by selling products, which claimed to augment cellular signal.With time, the technology of amplifying signals did become a reality and can now be experienced through modern day cell phone booster, capable of boosting wireless network signals and minimising call drops.
  • Cell Phone Boosters degrade WiFi Signals – The mobile signal booster for home and offices are freestanding and function on an individual capacity. They do not interfere with, interrupt, degrade or use Wi-Fi signals.

A Glimpse At Its Benefits

Despite better and faster mobile devices and the promise of widespread 5G networks, businesses still suffer from poor cellular connectivity. This poor connectivity impacts communication with clients, productivity between employees and, ultimately, hurts the bottom line. Without reliable mobile network connections, businesses lose money and their expensive mobile devices become pricey paperweights.

In that case a  cell phone signal booster can greatly improve the signal strength and coverage area for cellular devices in your office, leading to several benefits for your business.  Let’s discuss in detail –

  • Improved Communication – Signal boosters amplify mobile network signals giving your mobile phone better signal strength to make clearer calls with reduced noise and distortion. New signal boosters minimise technical noise in voice calls offering you a clearer and improved voice over the phone.This can improve communication and employee productivity.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience – If you as a business are able to understand what is your customers’ perception of your brand, you can provide them an improved customer experience by installing cell phone boosters in the office leading to improved signal strength which keeps them well connected and leave them with a happy experience.
  • Employee Satisfaction – A good signal strength in the office keeps the employees well connected with each other as they can rely on their cell phone for personal as well as professional use.
  • Handling Emergencies – In times of emergency , improved cell phone signal gives reliable coverage ensuring safety of the employees and the clients.
  • Enhanced Reputation – With increased cell phone signal strength your company can demonstrate its commitment towards technology which promotes customer satisfaction and company reputation.

If you want to start a successful business, you need dependable network coverage. Having a strong network guarantees that you can respond to your customers when they need to, take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves as well as deliver projects on time. The mobile signal boosters will guarantee you all that.