While one of the earliest uses of wireless technology was towards the inventory management (Walmart-1980s) system, today it has made every aspect of the business process more cost-effective, productive and time-saving. It also comes with the recreational and connectivity benefits in the form of home and apartment wireless entertainment systems.

Wireless technology is replacing wires at a tremendous pace, in all parts of the world. Whole cities have gone wireless (London, Paris, New York!) The business potential of the technology is also impressive, and the aspect still requires further exploration and exploitation even after giving many benefits. Here are the 12 best and greatest benefits of wireless technology.

  • Data Mining and Advertising

Wi-Fi provides for targeted advertising. It helps you connect to the customers/clients with requisite gender, age, and orientation lineage and you can also give a secure and comfortable Wi-FI access to your business partners. It unfolds to you the hidden data and provides for data mining, which helps you generate greater business insights and retain/create more customers. Wireless technology adds value to your relationships and provides for lasting and fruitful bonds. Customers also like to visit malls, restaurants, hotels, stadiums and other places that have the Wi-Fi networks available. 

  • Useful at Multiple Locations

Wi-Fi provides for the local networking and is useful in various places including:

  • Education (schools and colleges)
  • Enterprise
  • Hospitality (hotels and restaurants)
  • Public sector
  • Retail transportation (trains and buses) 
  • Stadiums
  • Museums, exhibitions and art galleries

Leading companies in the UK offer state-of-the-art Wi-Fi and wireless LAN solutions no matter where you require them, at an affordable cost. 

  • Cost Control

Cutting the wire will help you lower your overhead costs. The fiber cables and the wired infrastructure that you require for your enterprise (or any other place) connectivity cost $1800 for a 1000 m stretch when you include all the allied materials that are used for cabling as well. When compared, the Wi-Fi costs are minuscule and highly affordable. 

  • Simplification 

Wireless technology provides for simple and easy monitoring of a range of processes and applications like power/ environment/health/machine control. There is no need to haul the existing system, and the use of solar batteries ends the power crisis as well.

  • Work on New Applications

Some new applications, like those related to process monitoring and product design, use the new Wi-Fi and wireless technology. Wireless technology penetrates the production, service and other areas of an operation, and successfully decreases failures, reduces maintenance costs and adds to the value of the service/product.

  • Seamless Roaming

Apartment wireless offers seamless data connectivity on all devices no matter on which floor or apartment you are. It helps you stay connected with anyone you like, and there are no disruptions even when you switch places within the apartment. 

  • Available for a Range of Devices

Wi-Fi or wireless technology can be used in a variety of electronic devices and gadgets including digital cameras, smartphones, video games, smartphones and mobiles, audio and video players, laptops, personal computers and other kinds of Wi-Fi compatible devices. Much bigger wireless networks can be created by using the multiple and overlapping Wi-Fi access points. Hence whether it is a small room or a large playfield, they can stay live with data connectivity always though the use of technology.

  • Better Coordination and Collaboration

You can work with more efficiency and also roam with a live data connection at your workplace. Voice over Local Area Network (VLAN) technology is also wireless now and can be used to communicate easily. 

  • Enhanced Responsiveness

Wireless technology decreases your response time and helps you provide heart-winning customer service.

  • Easy Access to all kinds of Information

Wi-Fi helps you connect to all the areas, including those that are much harder to reach. It helps you improve your working and other processes and provides for saving of both time and money. LAN provides for connecting even those areas, which cannot be connected through the wired networks, for instance, a warehouse and inventory. 

Even if the location exhibits dead zones (places lacking wireless connectivity) in places, a wireless antenna can easily help to sort out the problem.

  • Swift Network Expansion

You can add any number of users easily and almost no time to your wireless network. Wireless LAN is also cost efficient and helps you have a collaborative and interactive workforce at low cost while providing with huge ROI (Return on Investment). Add new employees and make even the temporary offices futuristic by using wireless technology!

  • World Class Security

While earlier the Wi-Fi channels suffered from the security issues, they are today secured with encryptions and passwords and hence possess “restricted access” features. This ensures that the devices and your web data, accounts and passwords are safe from hackers, and there is no unauthorized access. Some of the Wi-Fi digital security protocols are:

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access i.e. WPA and WPA 2
  • VPN or Virtual Private Network
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol over the Transport Security Layer (HTTPS) 

Wireless technology is safe, reliable and costs saving. The transformation is sure to touch you and change your life forever, sooner or later.