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Wireless Antenna

RP TNC Female Bulkhead Crimp Connector for RG58 LMR195 Cable

RF Coaxial Connector

4G Modems & Hotspots


Cable Jumper Assembly

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Ethernet Cable Wiring

Fiber Optic

700-2700 MHz 2 way power splitter

Passive Components

Nest Cam Pro Outdoor Wireless Camera

Video Camera

Ubiquiti airCube Dual-Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi Access Point w / PoE

Wi-Fi & Networking

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About Excel Wireless

Excel Wireless is a value-added distributor and solutions provider with a targeted focus on wireless signal boosting systems. We are experienced in providing solutions for custom products such as; cell phone signal booster, cable assemblies, RF connectors, adapters, amplifiers, antennas and outdoor enclosures.

Excel Wireless is your one-stop shop for your wireless signal boosting needs, with a wide selection able to  provide your communications solutions.

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